The 10 Most Decadent Spa Locations In The World

A spa visit, regardless of where you go, is supposed to be a moment in luxury. It’s a moment where you get the opulent treatments of Hollywood movie stars, as well as an amazingly refreshing body or skin treatment. Recent years have seen spas compete with one another in terms of having a higher price, a more decadent spa menu, or even having more uniquely trained staff.

While there are many places that are known for their expensive spa treatments, these ten definitely take the cake!

  1. New York City, New York


The Big Apple has long been known for having celebrity day spas that cater to the rich, the famous, and the beauty-obsessed. New York’s rich spa scene has been a measuring stick throughout the US for everything from beauty trends, spa lunches, and even the promotion of organic spa services.

Insider Tip: Spa goers often cite the Spa Castle, located in Queens, to be one of the top bargain spas in the city thanks to its massive pools, saunas, onsite bar, and absolutely relaxing massage add-ons. For those of us who can afford to sell an arm, a leg, and a first born child, the Mandarin Oriental’s jeweled spa facilities, custom tailored service menu, and plush suites are not to be missed.

Why We Love This Destination: There are plenty of amazing spas that are dirt cheap, but still give really decadent services.

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