The 10 Most Decadent Spa Locations In The World

  1. Moscow, Russia


Don’t be fooled by the old school reputation of Russia. The birthplace of the banya style spa has also become a global trendsetter when it comes to modern spa services, fixtures, and environments. For people who love super hot saunas, steam baths, and platza, you really can’t get better than good ol’ Mother Russia!

Insider Tip: So far, the Mandara Spa of Moscow’s famous Lotte Hotel has gotten the highest consistent reviews in the country. If you’re up for a truly decadent trip, we suggest trying out their famous Biolight dining menu, their health and fitness services, and their detoxification program, which was imported straight from Austria. Going to an upscale banya, of course, is also highly recommended!

Why We Love This Location: It’s the birthplace of the banya – one of the most popular forms of spas in the world!

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