The 10 Most Decadent Spa Locations In The World

  1. Goa, India

In many ways, India is only now beginning to experience the recognition that it deserves in terms of glamor, beauty, and lifestyle travel. Goa’s stunning beach resorts and spas are often at the forefront of the international travel accolades. Take a look at a single photo of Goa, and you’ll understand why this is a superb location for luxury junkies.


Insider Tip: Goa is also known for its heavy influence on electronic music, so make sure to hit up a concert or two if you want a truly psychedelic experience post-spa hopping! Most of the best hotels and spas in Goa are international chains, so ask your travel agent which one would suit your needs best. The Zuri Hotels are also pretty popular in Goa’s spa scene, too.

Why We Love This Location: No matter which hotel you choose, you always get amazing views and a fresh ocean breeze.

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