The 10 Most Decadent Spa Locations In The World

  1. Phuket, Thailand



Phuket’s well-known plastic surgery tourism businesses are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to its hyperactive beauty industry. It’s common enough to see spa treatments involving exotic ingredients, ancient massage techniques, and breathtaking views where one can take in the post-spa bliss in peace. Better still, Thailand spas tend to be quite cheap when compared to other destinations on this list.

Insider Tip: If you have to choose one treatment to get in a Thai spa, get a massage. Thai massage techniques have become world famous for good reason! You should also expect to dine on some of the best Thai food you’ve ever experienced if you go to one of the top spas in Phuket. Anantara Phuket is celebrated for their rose petal baths, their stunning atmosphere, and their top of the line facials.

Why We Love This Destination: The fierce competition between Phuket spas means that you really cannot go wrong, no matter where you choose to go.

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