The 10 Most Decadent Spa Locations In The World

  1. Tulum, Mexico


Mexico is often thought of as a haven for drug cartels and partying spring breakers, but the truth is that the Yucatan Peninsula is teeming with traditional Mayan spas that any diehard luxury fan would drool over. Hot saunas, beautiful waterfalls, and amazing views are par for the course here.

Insider Tip: Maya Tulum is the most famous spa in this area, and it’s also one of the most popular with international travelers. The location’s yoga classes, oceanic views, vegan cuisine, and talented staff make it a good health-based retreat. Traditional Mayan spa must-haves include clay massages, honey massages, and a clay steam room visit.

Why We Love This Destination: Who hasn’t wanted to know what the Maya did for fun and relaxation?

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