10 Halloween Sexy Food Costumes That Will Make You Feel Anything But Hungry

Can’t find the perfect Halloween costume? Have you had enough of being the sexy nurse, school girl, policeman, pussy cat, insert other generic occupation. We’ve got you covered! The Trendeezy crew scoured the four corners of eBay and listed down some of the most hilarious Halloween costumes that still manage to have a bit of sex appeal.


This season, be a bacon. A sexy bacon. Regain the adoring stare of your beau with this sexy bacon strip dress costume. It’s under 20 bucks and a real head-turner! The Bacon Strip dress is crafted from body-hugging fabric to show off your curves. Hooker heels not included.


Halloween is a great excuse to put on whatever you feel like wearing. And if your girlfriend beat you into wearing the sexy bacon strip dress, why not complement her style with a costume that looks like a tower of pancakes? We’re telling you, boys will want a bite of that.


In the mood for something sweet perhaps? How about being a fabulous frosty delight for Halloween? We don’t know which is quirkier, the entire design of this crazy costume or the fact that it’s paired with corporate slacks. 

appleHave you always wanted to know what it feels like to be a Red Delicious? Don’t pass up the chance to dress up like a giant apple this Halloween. Just pair this juicy ensemble with your favorite Birkenstock and you’re ready to scare the kids ghouls away.


We’re crazy over everything breakfast over here at Trendeezy and this costume is right up our alley. And yes, these are the kinds of eggs that we’re really into, the sexy kind, obvs.

deviled egg

… but why be a simple fried egg when you can be a deviled egg? This wickedly delicious costume comes complete with demonic attachments too.


Let your beau in on the fun, he’ll loooove walking all over the ‘hood in matchy-matchy Halloween costumes! And this Peanut Butter and Jelly costume is all shades of fun!


Stepping up your game this holiday season? This Peas in a Pod costume is sure to get the party started. You can even use the detachable pods at your next juggling act. Or as ammo when things get out of hand at the party.


If the Peas in a Pod costume is way too radical for your decorous personality, why not be a cute carrot instead? This eye-catching costume will go perfectly with any pair of mom jeans you have floating around in your closet. 

taco dress

Spice up your Halloween with this delightfully delicious-looking sexy taco dress. Pair it up with a tiny sombrero to get the message across.

If you think one of these costumes would be perfect for your significant other or someone else you know, share it with your friends. Maybe find that halo and wings you used for your angel costume 3 years ago, and you can be the Fried Egg Angel and she’s the Deviled Egg!

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