10 Hilarious and Strange Blogs You Should Be Following On Tumblr!

The internet is home to all things funny, strange and depraved (sometimes, all at the same time) but when it comes to weirdness, Tumblr has a league of its own. A longtime haven for procrastinators and lurkers alike, Tumblr is a place where pictures come alive and strange content goes without saying. But these 10 Tumblr blogs are taking weirdness to a whole new level:

Breaded Cats

breaded cat

I can haz bread? Cats are no doubt the internet mascot and deservingly so. If you love funny cat pictures and your taste is bordering beyond the Purrito, then check out breaded cats. It’s filled with pictures of cats with their heads (sometimes their tails) stuck on a slice of bread. There’s no other way to put it, bros.

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