10 of The Saddest Selfies Of All Time. Of All Time.

Everyone just loves taking selfies and to the casual observer, selfies are well, just self-serving, duck-lipped photos of one’s best angle. Some were taken in the strangest places while others are just downright sad and awkward.

But there’s really more to selfies than that! How it was snapped was part of the story and sometimes, the events that led to the actual selfie tells a better, far more interesting story. Today we’re counting down some of the saddest selfies we’ve seen on the internet.

The Crotch Selfie

saddest selfies

Here’s a woman who thought it’ll be a great idea to share a shot of her snatch on Instagram. Hey, it’s her way to let people know how much fun she’s having at the local park. Yeah, hide the kids for this one. Don’t stare too long, her bikinied crotch will turn you to stone.

The One With No Friends

saddest selfies

Happy birthday, nobody cares! Reaching a completely new level of Forever Alone is this girl who was snapping a selfie of receiving her birthday cake, while her family was sitting there, also taking pictures of her sad, awkward state. She’ll never hear the end of this, that’s for sure! Family love, right?

The Asian Level

saddest selfies

It’s one thing to snap a selfie with an outstretched arm but it takes kung fu skills to snap a flattering selfie using your feet. That’s skill, right there. This Asian girl knows a thing or two about snapping selfies in the weirdest way.

The WTF Selfie

saddest selfies

It takes a lot of ingenuity and imagination to snap the most perfect selfie and this guy just nailed it. It’s so wrong on so many levels, we can’t even begin to imagine what sort of sick mind this dude has. Props for the duct-taped schlong we totally can’t tell he has a small dick.

The Six-Pack Selfie

saddest selfies

You remember the infamous #thinspiration posts on Instagram, right? Well, this guy just showed that with a little bit of work, you can achieve the abs of your dreams. And we totally meant work in terrible Photoshop. Those pasted-on abs look really convincing. Watch your sex life come alive.

The Redneck Selfie

saddest selfies

So this Garth Brooks wannabe posted a really interesting, somewhat insulting selfie, tending to the BBQ and all. There’s so many things going on that we just can’t focus on one thing. Tending the barbeque in a poorly insulated room, really? Only thing missing are the ribs.

The Duckface to End All Duckfaces

saddest selfies

You don’t know duck face until you see this duck face. It’s terrifying, it’ll haunt your dreams. Look away man, this duck face is outta control!!!

Two Girls Selfie

saddest selfies

Clearly, nothing is held sacred in selfies. Real classy, ladies, real classy. The girl in mid-shit doesn’t look like she mind though.

The ‘hood Selfie

saddest selfies

Living in the projects has its perks. Like taking badass selfies like this dude. He took a break from his 24/7 nap to share this selfie. Livin’ the thug life.

The Flava Flav Selfie

saddest selfies

Flava Flav got nothing on this brother. #keepingitreal


Oh these are too good. Do you have some horribly sad selfies saved somewhere? Post them in comments below.


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