10 Of the weirdest Food From Around The World, get your barf bag you want to read this!

If you thought your mom’s veggie and tuna casserole looked funky, you’ll lose your lunch when you see what the rest of the world likes to eat on the daily:

Kopi Luwak Coffee Beans

civet coffee

Nothing like a cuppa joe to start the morning right? In the Philippines and Indonesia, they’ll hook you up with a cute coffee berry-lovin’ little nocturnal mammal called the civet that will then shit coffee beans for you. You can then collect your civet’s steaming pile of shit, wash it, out comes the beans, ground that shit and drink it. Because that’s what superheroes do!

Think of the civet as your funky coffee maker, in the most literal sense. The idea behind the Kopi Luwak is that the beans go through a civet’s digestive process, perfectly fermenting each bean into almost supernatural robustness. These feces-encrusted coffee beans also happen to be the most expensive in the world at up to $100 a cup. My question is how did somebody discover this in the first place?

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