In 10 years, you could be flying in a windowless plane!

How would you like to travel to your dream destination in a plane that offers you breath-taking views of the land you’re flying over?

Welcome to the future of aviation!

windowless 2

According to a UK developer, the ugly miniscule windows seen on most airplanes today may very well be gone in just 10 years! The UK developer has been working on a hush-hush windowless fuselage that could one day make windowless planes possible. It was a super-secret concept till now!

The project, which was co-developed by The Centre for Process Innovation or CPI, will use flexible OLED or organic light-emitting diodes screens that, depending on your point of view, could give passengers a sweeping view of the land below. The screens of course, are OLED so there’s no natural light.

The concept technology has been unveiled at a video showcasing the execution of the screens. The screens replicate the outside surroundings. The screens can also be powered down at night or for long haul flights. The screens could also be used for in-flight movies and commercials.

The technology may look hi-tech but the core principle of it is based on showcasing the best of nature.

This groundbreaking design is already in production and could be used on a large scale, such as commercial flights, in the next decade.

According to Dr. Jon Helliwell of the CPI:

“What would be great would be to make devices based on OLEDs that are flexible. We can make transistors that are flexible but if we can make OLEDs that are flexible, that gives us a lot of potential in the market because we can print OLEDs on to packaging, we can create flexible displays. We are talking about [the idea] now because it matches the kind of development timelines that they have in the aerospace industry.

So you could have a display next to a seat if you wanted it; you could have a blank area next to a seat if you wanted it; you would have complete flexibility as to where you put [the panel screens]. You could put screens on the back of the seats in the middle and link them to the same cameras.”

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