11 Things Everyone Should Wear To The Airport

  1. Slip on shoes: Don’t be the terrible person holding up security. tumblr_mkrj930ZmP1rke1amo1_500

  2. SOCKS: The worst moment at the airport is when you take you realize you have to take your shoes off, and realize that you’re not wearing socks, or that your socks make you look like a crazy person. heelless-socks

  3. Appropriate…things..: Your bags will be searched. Take all of the unquestionables OUT of your carry on, or leave them at home. giphy

  4. Lots of layers: Traveling is just the worst weatherwise. You can fly from San Diego to New York in November and go from 75 degress to 30 degrees. Layers are key. six-sweaters-copy-copy

  5. The biggest scarf known to man: The airport is cold, the runway is hellishly hot, and unsuprisingly 30,000 feet is frigid. This scarf will be your best friend. Lenny-Kravitz-Giant-Scarf

  6. A sleep mask: You might feel like a doofus, but you will be the envy of everyone when you are passed out with your sleep mask. [Sloth anyone?]a-cool-etsy-finds-4

  7. Cross-body bag: Airports have huge [under-publicized] issues with pick-pocketing. Not to mention whatever fabulous European destination you’ll end up in. Cross Body bags are safter and you’re not going to forget your bag anywhere. Nice-Setup_o_96435

  8. The right carry on: Just don’t lie. Stay within the accepted size of carry-ons. Or be hated by all. Fpt2HaO

  9. Moisturizer: Planes are super dry, keep your skin hydrated. tumblr_mfb3dpZ4kb1qgcra2o1_500

  10. Comfy Paints: Leggings, sweats, loose jeans, comfy jeans. This isn’t the time for your skinny pants.              89975-joey-thanksgiving-pants-gif-Fr-JgmY

  11. Your favorite tee: You’ll know, above all else, that you look good. It also gives you a great “effortless” airport look. [Even though you’ll clearly look fantastic]. giphy-2


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