11 Unbelievable Traits of People Born in September

With a great bond oriented mind set, September borns are communication experts and win everyone’s heart by their perfection oriented approach. They are picky about materialistic things but not people. It is truly said that happiest people are born in September. Find out how!

1. Politely diplomatic- “Oh this dress will look lovely on you..say that you will not buy it plsss… I want it” ?


Awww…how nicely they make you believe that! You will convincingly say “Go ahead, all yours!” with a smile. They definitely know how to charm you with words. hence, they can be very good lawyer, writer or a teacher. They are known for their straight and convincing approach in life.

2. Open minded and reasonable- No, everything is not fair in love and war!


September borns can be really cool in difficult situations. Where people struggle between their inherited believes and today’s practicality, these people do what’s right and un-manipulative. This is why they are straight forward and people usually call it –Muh-fat– actually it’s speaking the truth!

3. Lover of all things beautiful and sensual


Beautiful things attract them, be it materialistic or humane. They have a special corner for it and they will spot and appreciate any cute and adourable thing they come across, no matter what situation they are. Same goes with sensuality. They simply can’t ignore these!

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