The top 10 world’ s most famous babies

History has seen many great names of fame go up and down in the way of reputations. Of all the persons that have gotten their names written in history, babies are the most interesting to note of. They symbolize the birth of humanity itself, even to celebrate the advancements of human innovation and culture. Even as the saying goes, “Children grow up,” there are babies that have stood the test of time and continue to be known throughout generations.

5. The Gerber Baby

The Gerber Baby ranks fifth among the most famous babies of all time.

Babies have long been in the advertising industry for personifying the beauty of sweet innocence. They are especially chosen for advertising milk and baby foods. Many will note that the term “Gerber Baby” has been become a generic brand for baby perfection. The original infant to adorn Gerber Strained Foods products in 1928 was a charcoal drawing of 4-month-old Ann Cook. (Cook — now in her 80’s — is a retired mystery writer.)

4. The First Test-Tube Baby

This baby’s birth was made famous on July 25, 1978 by the process of conception. Louise Brown is renowned as  the world’s first “test-tube baby”, born from her parents (Lesley and John Brown) supplying egg and sperm cells for the first In Vitro Fertilization. The IVF was very successful on Louise’s birth and development that when she married in 2004 and later gave birth to a son, it did not give her any complications. Her son was conceived the natural way.

the First Test Tube Baby

the First Test Tube Baby

3. Baby Jessica Mcclure

Jessica Mclure, as a baby, was not famous because of cute portrayals in any commercial but for a daring rescue in a life-and-death situation. October 14, 1987: She had fallen – in her aunts back garden – down a very narrow g-pipe of only 8 inches. For 58 hours, the local community and rescuers joined hands in braving the risks to pull the little toddler out alive and well.

The Rescued Baby - Jessica Mcclune

The Rescued Baby – Jessica Mcclune

2. Laughing Baby

There had been many videos of babies laughing worldwide but only one baby had the first privilege of fame, having over 110 million people enjoy his cute giggling fit. In 2006, a two-minute video was uploaded to YouTube, featuring baby William Nilsson of Sweden (sitting in what looks to be an Ikea highchair) delighting in his dad’s silly noises. It became so renowned in the Internet and beyond the cyberscene that it had even gone through the eyes of Queen Elizabeth of Great Britain in 2008. The regal monarch was so delighted with the video that she said, “…Lovely little thing, isn’t it? Amazing [that] a child would laugh like that.”

1. Baby Jesus

None of the babies in the world could trump the enduring fame of Baby Jesus. His name is written in the books of religion, invoked in faith, and worshipped with adoration. After all, he was the Son of God, conceived by the Virgin Mary.

Even as he is famous in his adult ministry, many still flock in their beliefs and adoration in the baby Jesus, the niño of Bethlehem. Even non-Christians attest to the truth of Jesus holding the title of “MOST FAMOUS BABY” for more than 2,000 years. The whole world celebrates his birth every 25th of December of the year.

Baby Jesus

Baby Jesus

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