The 5 Cats That Brought The Internet To Its Knees

The internet is obsessed with cats.  One brave soul even developed a scientific explanation on why lurkers and trolls alike spend a massive chunk of their time looking at funny or cute cat pictures. But why are we so drawn to these cuddly balls of fur and claws?

Cats are enigmatic creatures no doubt, and they run the internet. But these five cats have reached iconic status online. How and why? Join us as we list down the cats that brought the internet to its knees.

The Nyan Cat

Sure, the Nyan Cat is not really a real cat but it’s based after a real cat named, Marty. Marty died two years ago but his likeness and perpetual quirkiness is immortalized by a rainbow-poopin’ animated cat with a Pop Tart body blazing towards the galaxies with an infectious Japanese pop song in the background.


In memory of Marty, the cat that launched a thousand memes, check out the original Nyan Cat video below:

This video was viewed over 105 million times on YouTube.


If cuteness has a face, it’ll look a lot like Maru’s cuddly, furry face. Maru is not only one of the most popular cats in the internet; he’s also the pioneer of Internet Cat Celebrity. Maru is popular because of his love for boxes of all shapes and sizes. He will literally sit, explore, squat, and wiggle his somewhat wide girth into any box. So kawaii!


maru 1

Maru is based in Japan is often filmed gallivanting with different boxes. It’s amazing how much wonder one box holds for this super cute kitty!  His antics launched a million .gifs! While most internet cats enjoyed nothing but fleeting fame, Maru’s star continues to shine since 2009!

Grumpy Cat

Ah yes, the Grumpy Cat, perhaps internet’s most accurate depiction of apathy. This cat just don’t care and it shows on his face.


The cat’s actual name is Tardar Sauce and she’s a bonafide Social Media queen with more than 6 million likes on her Facebook Page. Tardar’s withering stare is chillier than Queen Cersei’s and her popularity level rivals that of Justin Bieber (not that we’re surprised).


Case in point, Tardar not only appeared in several shows and enjoyed royal treatment at the recently concluded MTV Music Awards, she actually has her own agent. Beat that.

Tardar’s strange grumpy face is a result of feline Dwarfism and a prominent under bite. On the inside, she’s actually pretty nice and friendly and not a total asshole at all.

The Keyboard Cat

Meet Fatso, the hella funny cat behind the Keyboard Cat craze. Unfortunately, Fatso’s fame came posthumously, he died in 1987. Nevertheless, the internet is the only place where even the dead stay alive and Fatso’s antics are forever immortalized online.


The video that went viral features Fatso wearing a blue shirt while passionately “playing” the keyboard. SPOILER ALERT: he doesn’t really play the piano, his owner does (Gasp! What a revelation!). Keyboard cat’s fame peaked when The Daily Show and The Colbert Report featured the hilarious video.


Adorably cross-eyed and oozing with feline cuteness, Nala the Cat’s popularity started with videos of her amusing antics uploaded on her Facebook Page. Since then, she’s been hailed an internet darling, often seen wearing weird crocheted hats and cute bowties.


Nala’s popularity soared when her owner started selling various merchandise emblazoned with Nala’s mug. She even started a cat hat store.

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