5 Celebrities Who Look Better Make-Up Free

Most women refuse to go out without makeup. We live in a society where thin frames are celebrated, fully-made up face are the norm. But despite Hollywood’s inaccurate portrayal of beauty, there are A-list actresses out there who are constantly breaking the mould! Today, we are listing down five celebrities who look shockingly beautiful even without a stitch of makeup!

5. Demi Lovato

demi lovato fresh faced

Not only is Ms. Lovato a talented singer, actress and songwriter, she’s also a natural beauty! The Latina pop star definitely isn’t prissy when it comes to her looks, she doesn’t mind going out without a hint of makeup. Lovato has posted most of her make-up free selfies on Instagram and is often snapped by paparazzi fresh-faced.

Sure, there were a lot of controversy surrounding her early days, including cutting herself and then beating up her dancers. But Demi definitely bounced back from the negativity and has since then turned over a new leaf after rehab. She’s now a spokesperson to those who suffer from eating disorders and those dealing with emotional/psychological issues.

4. Jessica Biel

jessica biel with and without makeup

Kicking ass never looked this good! Jessica Biel will be forever known as the girl-next-door, Mary Camden from the hit show, 7th Heaven. Of course, she’s always been known for her classic beauty but wholesome she’s definitely not. As a way to shed the good-girl image, she posed for various men’s magazines (she later regretted the decision). But more than her fabulous figure and her gorgeous husband, Jessica Biel actually looks better without makeup on.

Prior to her wedding to JT, she’s been snapped at different places without makeup on and she looked stunning every time. You can’t beat that!

3. Mariah Carey

mariah carey

The five-time Grammy winning pop diva, Mariah Carey is often snapped dressed to the nines. She’s known for her luxurious lifestyle, expensive taste and of course, her perfectly made up face. But when she’s winding down and relaxing with the kids, she’d often post her makeup selfies on Instagram and it’s safe to say, Mimi still got it! Her make-up free selfies are just stunning and it’s hard to believe she looked like she just woke up like that!

2. Cate Blanchett

cate blanchett make-up free

From her glowing skin to her regal bearing, Cate Blanchett is definitely one of Hollywood’s most beautiful stars. For a gorgeous woman such as Cate, you’d expect round the clock makeup artists and prepping to get her skin glowing but according to her reps, everything you see is not only all natural, but also botox-free.

Cate is advocating aging gracefully. Together with a couple of British actresses, Cate is using her popularity to reach out to women, inspiring them to break Hollywood’s unfair representation of beauty by shunning cosmetic surgeries and other unnatural beauty enhancement procedures.

1. Drew Barrymore

drew barrymore make-up free

Drew Barrymore broke in the Hollywood scene as the adorable tot in cult classic, E.T. and she’s grown in front of her audience. She may be a multi-talented beauty but she’s never afraid to go out fresh-faced! The blond bombshell not only posts make-up free selfies on Instagram all the time, she also created her own makeup line with a platform based on natural beauty.

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