This Is What Actually Happens In First Class

First-Class is a very different experience of airplane travel than sitting in coach. This is how someone in first class is treated, from start to finish:

[Keep in mind, this is for a domestic flight. If the flight is international there is flat-laying seats for easy sleeping, ice cream sundaes, and a free bag of toiletries]

  1. There are special express security lines for first class.             anigif_enhanced-buzz-23409-1383231223-4 

  2. First-Class passengers board the plane first. Hello Boarding Group 1.                    1375362492000-AP-Boarding-the-Plane-1308010910_4_3

  3. First-Class is separated from the coach “riff-raff” with curtains.large

  4. There are zero issue with overhead space, flight attendants just make it work for First-Class passengers.  enhanced-buzz-25495-1383231663-9

  5. They are greeted by their title and last name, [Mr. or Mrs. Smith], offered a newspaper, and a drink before the flight takes off. [Alcohol is FREE in First class]                                                 I-want-all-the-alcohol-gif

  6. As soon as the plane is in the air, hot washcloths are passed out to wash their face and hands.                                      woman-belly-button-explodes-on-plane-due-to-faulty-tummy-tuck

  7. Next, they are offered an additional beverage and a small cup full of warmed mixed nuts.                                                   tumblr_mhodv6MaIf1qa37hco2_250

  8. Usually before the warm nuts are finished, an order will be taken for their in-flight meal. If the flight is really short, they get a snack-box instead of a meal. All for FREE.                         sa0je

  9. The flight attendant will prepare the tray table for a meal by placing a cloth tray table cover down, as well as cloth napkin with chilled silverware.50b396edd9127e1125000e49._w.1500_s.fit_

  10. The meal will be served with your choice of drink, and comes with an entree [chicken, or pasta usually], some sort of carb [roll or muffin], and a side of vegetables.                                      Zooey-DesChanel-Loves-Food-Reaction-Gif

  11. After the meal has been cleared away, an assortment of fresh cookies comes down the aisle to choose from.767996

  12. If the flight is long, you will be offered another snack, or perhaps even a second meal several hours later.                    6837155078_b4ccedc434_b

  13. Once the flight lands, they will always be the first to leave the plane while the “common” coach folk are held back by a flight attendant.6a0120a95a88d5970b01a5119fa2ea970c-800wi

  14. And finally, did you know that First Class passangers get a special Priority tag on their luggage so it comes out FIRST?could-not-hate-you-more-jade-victorious

So, pretty much, it’s amazing. Here’s to hoping you get upgraded someday, or marry into royalty.


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