These Adorable Animals On Planes Will Get You Over Your Fear Of Flying

Flying can be scary! There is no doubt about that. There are many modern solutions to get you on a plane. You can seek therapy, take medications, or drink your way comfortable. Have you considered a little bit of puppy therapy? Cute animals fix lots of things. So, consider that there is always a chance you could run into this cuteness on a plane:

Dogs could be traveling together….


Kitties could be there contemplating their lives….


You might run into this guy waddling around from time to time….


Security can be a lot of fun….


There’s a lot of time for puppy contemplation…


Your view could be this adorable…


And be prepared for this face to be staring at you between the plane seats…


This pup will make the plane safety talk go very smoothly…


You might be able to hold this one’s hand during bumpy times…


and also there might be just a few cute babies….


Passenger / mum / mother going on holiday / vacation with her baby travelling on an air plane / airplane / aeroplane / flight.



Still afraid of flying? That’s understandable, but is it worth it to get on a plane in case you run into any of these cuties? I think Yes.


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