Has Bill Murray Finally Lost His Marbles?


The first hints that Bill Murray might not be completely sane can be seen way back in “Meatballs” and “Caddyshack.” These are two movies where he famously ad libbed almost every scene,and even way back then, it seemed like he might be the kind of guy who didn’t know what to do when the escalator stopped working.

Over the next few decades, roles in “Space Jam” and “Zombieland” where he played himself made it clear that the bats in his belfry were a little loopy.

But it was his sudden random jog through NYC in a tuxedo that seems to have sealed the deal. It wasn’t just odd, but mind boggling since he decided to break into this “practice for the New York Marathon” in the middle of taping an interview with David Letterman.

Compared to a completely dumbfounded Letterman, the two random New Yorkers that Murray stole a pretzel and water bottle from seemed almost nonplussed by this sudden act of random running. Though, calling it running is being generous. Murray basically jogged like a kid trying to get a C- in gym class.

Eventually an exhausted Murray returned to the studio wearing a tin foil cape, presumably to keep either aliens or the government from reading his thoughts.

Either Murray has finally gone over the edge and discovered a new reality or he has finally subscribed to the Andy Kaufmann school of comedy. Either way it will make “Ghostbusters 3” amazing if he caves and decides to join the cast.

Here’s a way-back play-back of Murray’s first Letterman appearance in 1982, not much has changed!

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