Blake Lively is Preggers, Check Out What Her Child Will Look Like

Two years after wedded bliss, stunning actress and aspiring lifestyle guru, Blake Lively is pregnant with her first child! After much teasing from Preserve_us Instagram, Lively made the announcement on her website, in a story titled, “Preserve Celebrations: Falling for Family.”

blake 2

While Lively and husband Ryan Reynold’s superior genes are bound to make for a beautiful baby, the good folks of Morph Thing gave all fans an idea what their offspring will look like. The Morph Thing pictures of plausible Lively-Reynolds baby features a boy and a girl. The boy may possibly come out with blue eyes and fair eyebrows, no doubt taking after his mother, Blake.

boy girl

On the other hand, the girl takes after father, Ryan although the nose is likely to be closely similar to Blake’s. The bottom line? Lively-Reynolds bundle of joy is likely to take on Ryan’s coloring over Blake!

According to Jenny Chen, a graduate genetics student from Harvard-MIT, dark hair is a dominant gene as dark eyes.

blake 3

Although she never admitted to it, Blake had her nose done and Morph Thing took this into account. In addition to a nose job, Lively may have done a lot of procedures on her teeth, including whitening and straightening her teeth.

Meanwhile, Ryan doesn’t seem to have any work done on his face.

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