Check out this secret tropical island in China before everyone else does

There’s more to China than the Great Wall, apparently. The island of Hainan, off the South China Sea, has become quite the hotspot for vacationers thanks to its unspoiled natural landscapes and beautiful, clear waters. Such an unexpected retreat from mainland China that we love!

hainan 1

The Hainan island is also full of sprawling rainforests, pristine volcanic hot springs, and tropical trees. Visitors can swim, surf, golf and soak in relaxing hot springs to their hearts content! Beaches with fine white sand also weave through the coast, some with rocky outcrops. Because the island is largely undiscovered, most visitors are locals looking for a little fun under the sun.

Hainan is the main island in China’s smallest province. The place used to be where criminals and political enemies of the government were exiled. As such, it’s rare for tourists to come until now. The clean air, constant warm temperature is a welcome change to the four-seasoned mainland. There are around 34 hot springs throughout the Hainan island and 61% of the island is tropical rainforest.

Because Hainan is slowly becoming popular among wanderlusting beach lovers, several luxury hotels are starting to crop up on the island. The Hainan island is accessible via train from Beijing or Shanghai. The best time to visit is November, where weather hits the sweet spot between mild and warm!

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