Creep on your fellow inflight passengers with this app

Because no trip is complete without completely creeping out your fellow passengers, the Travel App, Quicknet, just introduced a new feature that allows user to “check-in” their seatmates via Facebook – before or after the flight.

The check-in option comes with one caveat, you cannot check out a person via his Facebook page without his consent. A spokesperson for Quicknet said, “only users who approve the social feature will be presented on the flight.”

quicknet featured

This means that in order to check out your fellow passengers’ Facebook profile using the app, you’ll have to check in yourself. You can do this anonymously or you can provide your complete name. You can also use your Facebook account to sign in to Quicknet.

From there, your fellow passenger will be able to check out your Facebook profile, dig through all 6,000 of your profile pictures and other personal infos you feel comfortable sharing to your new friend.

Well that, or you could just bust out the headphones and fake sleep from takeoff to landing, like the rest of us.

Apart from giving you the option to creep out your inflight seatmates, Quicket also offers a host of other nifty features such as allowing users to search and book flights using the app, check flight status and get gate directions and detailed airport maps.

Watch the demo below:

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