Dad Captures Newborn Twins “Meeting” For The Very First Time

Growing up, I was always so jealous of kids who had a twin sibling.

Now that I’m older, I feel the same way about parents with twin babies…even when they’re both in tears or making double the trouble! While having any sibling is such a blessing, there’s really nothing that can compare to going through life with a twin. There’s really no closer bond and it’s obvious from the moment they are born, as you can see in this touching video of newborn twin babies. Spending nine long months together in mom’s womb can definitely make you as close as humanly possible, as proven in this incredible video of newborns taking a bath.

In the following video, we meet two newborn twin babies just a few moments after their birth. The video was recorded by GoPro employee Lonie Paxton, so you know it’s going to be some truly behind the scenes footage. Paxton’s wife just gave birth to their tiny twin babies and even though they just spent a ton of time together, being out in the world must be pretty strange. Luckily, sweet newborns Leonidas and Reese have each other and don’t need to be too afraid. When the doctors put the babies together and they finally “meet” for the first time, there’s really nothing sweeter.

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