David Letterman sparring with Howard Stern, great video!


There once was a time when Letterman hated Leno and Stern hated EVERYBODY and was being fired from every radio station. That was the time where Dave and Howard could have been friends according to this 23 minute interview. They go into details on their history together, the showbiz friends they have, and those that they hate.

These two classic talk show hosts used to be at the ‘Centre of Cool’ in the 90’s. Today they have both mellowed, with Dave admitting to chatting with Leno on the phone and Howard hosting the goofy ‘America’s got Talent’. The baton has been passed to the Kimmel’s, Falon’s, Conan’s and all the fake news comedy guys Stewart, Colbert, and Oliver. But for just a brief moment, sit back and watch the old boys reminisce, get heated, and then waltz away the night. For real, well worth it.



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