McDonalds’ cup sizes around the world…guess who has the biggest!

Did you know that McDonald’s offers different cup sizes depending on where you are in the world? In the US where portions are much bigger, cup sizes appear to be larger as well.mcdo1 In a video by Buzzfeed, the global fast-food chain offers larger cup sizes in the US than anywhere else in the world, except Canada and Singapore. These three countries follow the same definitions of ‘small’, ‘medium’ and ‘large’ – 16oz, 21oz and 30oz, respectively. A white line on each cup indicates  the sizes for American cups. The lines are the benchmark for cup sizes McDonald’s offer from various parts of the world.

The cup size “medium” in the US is an ounce more than Japan’s “large” size cup.


In Australia, small cup size is similar to a US small cup size. But in UK, the small cup size is smaller than the ones in the US. The UK small cup size is also slightly smaller than Australia and Hong Kong’s small size cups.


It’s no surprise that the US is one of McDonald’s best customers and the food chain tries to win fans over by offering more drinks.


However, in 2012, former NYC mayor, Michael Bloomberg attempted to implement a soda ban to stop citizens from taking large sugary drinks, which contributes greatly to rising obesity rates.

The proposed law would’ve banned restaurants, theaters and food courts to selling sodas and other drinks larger than 16 oz.

Unfortunately, the proposed law was overturned in court. The new major, Bill deBlasio plans to go ahead and propose another law similar to his predecessor’s.

Check out Buzzfeed’s video on McDonald’s Cup sizes below:


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