These Dogs Travel The World To Reunite With Their Favorite Soldiers

Puppies, and soldiers. If this story doesn’t melt your heart, you may not actually be human. Get that checked out.

It is extremely common for soldiers overseas to seek some sort of familiarity when everything around them is unfamiliar and bleak. Often, that results in temporarily adopting stray dogs, and even claiming their favorite dogs from a newborn litter near their military camp. Many soldiers have stated that they don’t know if they would have had the will to survive if they weren’t able to come home to their tail wagging, loving, canine buddy.


Unfortunately, when their tours of duty come to an end, there seems to be no way to bring their canine companion home with them. They are forced to abandon their loved animals, who helped them survive their time abroad, in terrible areas. Until now.

One wonderful man has created a non-profit business where he reunites soldiers with their puppy counterparts from war-ridden areas around the world by bringing the dogs to America to be with their favorite soldiers, for good. So far, over 700 dogs have been reunited with their military families.

The following stories are real soldiers and dogs reuniting, after sometimes even years apart.


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