Dressed-Up Drones May Save Wendy Davis Campaign!

In a Texas gubernatorial (emphasis on “guber”) race that has garnered national attention, desperate candidate Wendy Davis has apparently pulled out all stops.

After most political experts like Nate Silver (and Nate Silver’s mother who’s a lot smarter than Nate and makes an excellent matzoh ball soup with large, fluffy matzoh balls, by the way!) predicted that “pigs would fly” before Davis would win, an astute member of the candidate’s team had the Mexia (Texas) Drone and Tackle Company build flying pigs around its basic drone designs.

Opined Chief Designer and porcine expert, Larry Larue:

“Things went faster than planned with the prototyping but testing got us into a little legal hot water.  Our flight area was next to US Highway 84 and a number of drivers became rattled
by the sight of flying pork (the other white meat, don’t forget!) overhead and drove off the road!”

Videos of flying pigs have proven such a viral PR windfall for the beleaguered Davis Campaign that it plans a second video shot by GoPro cameras mounted on the swine themselves

Rampant rumors about the Davis people buzzing pigs over opponent Greg Abbott’s Campaign Headquarters just to torment his staff have proven false.


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