Drowning Eagle Saved by a Fisherman, you won’t guess how it happened! (video)

In Nanoose Bay, British Columbia, a reckless young eagle could’ve drowned after being dragged into the water by a wild salmon, if not for the efforts of a passing angler to save it.


The young eagle, according to Mindy Dick, of the O.W.L. Orphaned Wildlife Rehabilitation Society, might’ve crossed paths with a huge salmon and couldn’t quite lift the fish out of the water.

Instead, the eagle was dragged underwater. The eagle survived thanks to Don Dunbar, a fisherman who lifted the bird of prey off the lake and into his boat.

Check out the amusing rescue here:

In the video, Dunbar is heard telling the eagle, “I’d throw you a life jacket, but I haven’t got one that’d fit you!”

He then lifts the bird gently and adds with a chuckle, “You’re a little tired!”

eagle 2

According to CBC, once back on land the eagle dried out, yet was still unable to fly. Dunbar passed the eagle to the Orphaned Wildlife Rehabilitation Society, where he is recovering and “making huge strides.”

In a National Geographic Interview, Mindy Dick says the eagle has been treated for E.coli, which was part of the reason why the eagle was underweight for its size. The eagle will be released as soon as it recovers fully, which is about one or two months from now.

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