Ebola Threatens To Run Rampant This Halloween

Every hope is that the virus that is now terrorizing the world with the recently updated 70% death rate will remain contained through the coming holiday season. Unfortunately, that will not stop Ebola from making an unwanted appearance this All Hallows’ Eve.

A score of Ebola-themed costumes is set to controversially haunt streets at the end of this month.

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[Ebola Virus, Ebola Doctor & Ebola “Zombie” Patient]

Online retailer, Brands On Sale, is carrying a costume specifically designed to be linked to the deadly virus. Comments have echoed throughout social media referencing the costume on this retail website, along with the many home made Ebola related costumes.

Tweeters and Instagrammers all over the world are judging whether people should be making light of the virus as a form of comic relief or if the playful costumes are contributing to the unnecessary evil of the disease.

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The truth of the matter is, regardless of which side one might fall concerning this Ebola-costume crisis, the streets will be lined with Ebola doctors, patients, and yes, even costumes depicting the virus itself, come October 30th. Set your clocks on Nov. 1st to wake up to the viral pictures[too soon?] that are bound to appear on social media networks.

Want in on this controversial trend? $79.99 will get you what you need here: Ebola Doctor costume.

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