A European Cowboy Is A Real Thing

, Saddle Up!

Do you love cowboys, but also just can’t get over the sexiness of a European accent? Well, my friend, you are in luck.

Though European westerns are rare, Europe has a thriving cowboy country that is easily accessible to anyone who wants to see it. The location of the next great Cowboy love story could take place in Hungary, on the Great Hungarian Plain.


For over 2,000 years the Great Hungarian Plain has been home to a beloved cowboy culture. The area is especially well known for mounted herdsmen, which is an actual cowboy job, and not just a new sex position.

Traditional dress for these European cowboys includes a white linen shirt, trousers, and a wide brimmed cowboy hat, often with a feather. After all, they wouldn’t be European if they didn’t add a little bit of flare to the otherwise dirty cowboy attire.


Before you discount this as pure fantasy, there are several times a year that these bunking broncos make an appearance. Each year several festivals are held in Hortobagy, the national park where much of the herding takes place. August and April both hold a festival where the cowboys lead their herds to different areas to graze. Locals dance and sing, while traditional folk meals are served.

Maybe make your plane reservations now, seats will probably fill up fast.


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