Ever Get a Python Mailed To You By Mistake?

Receiving junk mail is one thing. Having a serpent sent to you is a whole different matter.

Not a rubber snake, mind you….a real one.

Using someone’s credit card without permission is also a bad thing. Using it to purchase a baby python and having it sent to your home via FedEx is rude beyond belief.

Delores Gavin opened her door and found a package left at her Granite City, Illinois residence. Upon opening the package, she discovered the baby snake.

And screamed.


How her credit card number was compromised and why an order was placed to her address is currently unknown. Police believe this may be a possible case of identity theft gone strangely wrong.

You would think the way the python was shipped would have, you know, a warning of some sort on the outside.

At least it was a baby python and not one of those 17 foot creatures. The delivery person could have suffered a back injury and the person opening the package could have been eaten.

Luckily, things worked out for the best. It would be even better if you offered to adopt the python.

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