5 Exotic Locations with Cheap Food & Housing

Airfare is often the biggest cost point when one plans to go abroad. However, food, housing and activities can add up just as quickly. One thing to keep in mind when travelling is the cost of living of the place where you are going to stay. These following locations will please you with their aesthetics while keeping your wallet full.

Mexico City

People are often afraid of Mexico City because of the drug scares going on in Mexico right now. However, if you stay in the good parts of the town, you really won’t feel any worry or fear for your safety at all. Being one of the largest metropolitan cities in the world [top 5], Mexico City has SO much to offer, and has prices that are very comparable.

Overview of Mexico City

Currency: Mexican Peso. Exchange Rate: 1 Mexican Peso = 0.074 US Dollar

Food: Tons of street food that is plenty safe to eat. We’re talking a usual of an equivalent of $0.50 a taco.

Activities: Hike the Teotihuacan ruins, visit the colorful canal streets of Xochimilco, and bring back colorful souvenirs, all for less than you pay for many museums in the United States. [Think $30-50 a person for all of that]

Housing: Varies, but there are lots of cheaper, still safe, options.

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