Forget The Weather Report, Excited Pup Steals The Show

The weather telecast at Global Edmonton Morning News in Canada literally went to the dogs last Friday as a hapless weather reporter struggled to keep one playful pooch under control!

Mike Sobel, the local weatherman featured one of the dogs from the Edmonton Humane Society during a live newscast, as a way to promote pet adoption. From the get-go, the mastiff mix, named Ripple, wasn’t daunted as cameras rolled.


The rambunctious pup also jumped several times, prompting Sobel to say, “Ripple sit. Sit Ripple. Ripple’s not sitting that’s for sure.”

He would not only chew on his leash, he started pulling the guy holding it. The two got engaged in a hilarious tug of war of sorts as Sobel struggled to continue with the weather report.

And to make matters worse, Ripple was able to finally chew through his leash, surprising Sobel who ended the report by saying, “We’ll be back with more in just a moment.”

Watch the video here:

A video of the hilarious encounter has been uploaded on YouTube and viewed by over 2.5 million users. The mishap was all for a good laugh, Sobel tweeted a link to the video on his twitter page and thanked the fun-loving Ripple for the internet fame. Ripple has since found his new home.

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