What is that!? Freaky looking parasite slithering out of a dead praying mantis…you gotta see the video

So what is that thing? Somebody videotaped a praying mantis dying and as the youtube dude started looking for other things to shoot…out came the parasite. Oh God that’s gross!

If we can trust the Youtube comments, then this parasite may be the horsehair worm or Nematomorpha. If so then, that is even more horrifying than the scene of a slithering black thing coming out of a big insect. The Horsehair worms not only live inside of the belly of their host…they also take over their brain. Oh, and like any good horror movie, the parasite forces their hosts to do their bidding. Horsehair Worms force grasshoppers to jump into water, which isn’t something grasshoppers normally do, but that is exactly what the worm needs – a water source. Genius’ these simple monster creatures.  Such worms can grow to two meters long, although 50cm-1meter is more common. Freaky deaky…

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