What will it be like to travel in the Future! cue ominous music *dum dum duuuuummmm! *

  1. Travel as life: Everything in the future will be faster. Bullet trains and commuter jets will make out of state work possible, changing many of the reasons for travelgiphy-3

  2. Fantasy-like Flights: Lie flat seats, meals by celebrity chefs, extensive wine lists, and not just for first class. These luxuries will be available at every price point. New-Footage-From-Sex-City-2

  3. Zen Airports: Think less chaos, and more zen. Spas, green-space, infinity pools, shiatsu and leisure activities will relax you before you jump on board in the airports of the future.  vertical-garden-and-green-wall-at-singapore-airport

  4. Experience Hotels: No longer just a place to sleep, hotels will transform you into a different universe through their experiential vibes. joke-funny-photo-Batman-Themed-Hotel-Room-is-Awesome

  5. Sustainability: Green travel will be big in the future. New types of fuel and less paper consumption will change travel drastically. tumblr_muzskcyRo01sx2peuo6_250

  6. Unplugged Travel: Getaways and real escapes are becoming more and more desired. Lots of tofu, not so many cell-phones.     images-3

  7. Plugged in Travel: No need to get unplugged if you dont want to. It won’t be long until all flights have in flight wi-fi, direct tv, phone chargers, usb chargers, and who knows what else.      tumblr_m4u08oM6B51r2knh6

  8. Virtual Travel: This is already a “thing” with The Sims and some online gaming, but the reality of the future is that soon you will be able to stroll along the Champs Elysees in Paris and Hike Kilimanjaro through a vamped up type of Google street view. virtual-reality

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