A Gastronomic Wonder: The Black Burger…for Royal Fat Asses only

Japan, the place where WTF was born, has outdone itself once again when Burger King dropped the “Black Burger.” Also known as Kuro burger, the Black Burger features black buns, meat darkened with loads of ground pepper and black cheese. Oh, yum.

Burger King - 'Where is your God Now'

The bread and cheese achieved its black color by the addition of bamboo charcoal, a popular ingredient in Japanese cuisine. The Black Burger is garnished with blackened onion and garlic sauce with squid ink. Again, squid ink, no matter how gross it sounds, is not only edible but is also a common ingredient for cooking, flavoring or as food coloring.

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Burger King Japan is offering two types of Black Burger varieties: Pearl and Diamond Black Burger. The Black Pearl burger comes with basic ingredients you can expect from a regular burger, except it’s black as sin.

Black Burger - 2 types

On the other hand, the Black Diamond Burger comes with fabulous niceties such as added lettuce, tomatoes, and onions. The colors of the veggies lend a nice break from the all-black color of the burger. Doesn’t make it any more appetizing, though.

Is the Black Burger the first of its kind? Hardly. The French beat the Japanese to the punch with their own version of the coal-black burger a couple of years ago. The French version of the black burger was introduced by French fastfood giant, Quick as a special promotional product for the “Star Wars: Episode I — The Phantom Menace 3D.”

Quick’s black burger is similar to McDonald’s Big Mac except it’s friggin’ black and comes in two tiers of blacked out buns. No word on how well that burger fared but Japan’s black burger is definitely attracting a lot of food connoisseurs around the world.  Burger King’s Kuro Burger is only available in Japan for a limited time only.

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