Harry Potter fans rejoice! A London hotel offers Hogwarts-style sleeping quarters!

Get a load of this, a hotel in London is opening its doors to all rabid Harry Potter fans out there! The Gregorian House in London has renovated two of its rooms to look like the Hogwarts’ sleeping quarters based on the massively popular novel and movie.

The room features four-poster beds, cauldrons and other “unexpected wizardly details.” The bad news? It costs an eye-watering $400 per night.

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There are also other options The Gregorian House has in store for the “Harry Potter Package.” Such options include one night for two people to simply stay in the room. Other offers include a two-day, one-night stay at the Wizard Chambers! This package comes complete with a Muggle tour of the nearby The Making of Harry Potter tour. This package ain’t cheap though, it will set you back almost $600.

The Harry Potter packages by The Gregorian House came just in time as the tour opened a new permanent installation, the Dark Arts Tour.

Both packages will include Muggle breakfast and a walking tour. Those who chose the studio tour option will also include transportation via a especially designed Harry Potter tour bus.

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