Top 7 Reasons why #Caitlyn spelled with a “C” and not a “K” matters…#6 is so Brave

4. Caitlyn is stepping outside of his ex-wife Kris Kardashian’s #Momager clutches.

You could see Bruce already putting this in motion when he did the Diane Sawyer interview a few weeks before the Keeping up with the Kardashian’s version of him detailing his transformation. Everyone tuned in to Diane Sawyer, and he didn’t make a cent from the interview. Bruce is reported to be worth $100million, so the few hundred thousand, or even a million dollars for the interview was not  worth it to him to be portrayed as someone just ‘selling his story’. When in fact, him and Diane have been friends for years and he wanted to tell his story honestly and without bias. Smart move. But also he minimized the draw for the Kardashian version, which of course would minimize the payday for the Kardashians. Very Smart Move.


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