Top 7 Reasons why #Caitlyn spelled with a “C” and not a “K” matters…#6 is so Brave

1. Finally, the number 1 reason Bruce becoming Caitlyn matters is…well is he a Pioneer?

220px-William_HainesPeople all over the world, are going through these transformations, and just because Caitlyn is a famous face it brings light to a topic that rarely rises to the Public conscience. Is Bruce a pioneer in the likes of Jackie Robinson or little known Billy Haines who was a silent movie film star and in 1933 publicly announced he was gay, was forced to marry a woman and denounce being homosexual by Louis B. Mayer, the infamous head of MGM studio which had Haines under contract. Haines, however, refused in order to stay with his partner and because of his respectable pride, the actor’s contract was canceled. Haines never worked as an actor again.


or Add your reasons in the comments….there are SOO MANY AMAZING REASONS THIS MATTERS

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