Here is Why It’s Really Wonderful to Have a Sister

This is a really heart-touching topic.

I just called my sister. We had a long conversation about everything we missed during the weekend.

That’s what made me write this.

I want to say how great it is to have a sister in your life.

Growing up with her was like a fairytale. I have no proper words that can explain this.

You will never understand how much you will miss your sister until she leaves the home.

That happened for me few years ago.

As normal kids, we hung out. Argue about something ridiculous. Talk. Laugh. Share secrets.

You know how it is.

She was the first person that I opened up to.

When she moved out, things got a little bit difficult for both of us.


We still hang out few times in a week, but we have different lives now.

You know how people say leave him/her go and you’ll see how much you miss that person?

Well, it’s true!

I love her more than before. Miss her more. Respect her more.

There isn’t anything on this world that could replace my sister.

Tears are rushing down my face while I do this.

Even those who don’t have a sister can relate to this.

You all have one close friend you call sister.

At this moment, I can think of 8 reasons why it’s great to have a sister.

Feel free to tell me more reasons. They are all welcome.

I’ve prepared my tissues and here I go:

An Example


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