Here is Why It’s Really Wonderful to Have a Sister

I grew up looking up to her. Being younger has its own positive things.

She was my role model.

I can say that bigger part of my personality today reflects on her.

She helped me grow. Face things and build my self-confidence.

Her influence and presence helped me pick all the good decision.

I couldn’t be happier to have a sister.

A Source

When she reads this, she will fall down laughing.

I can remember the first time she was teaching me how to apply makeup.

It was hilarious.

She taught me everything.

How to read. How to study faster. How to brush my hair. How to deal with this or that…

This list can truly continue to eternity.

Yes. I learned from her. Better said, I copied her.

We both learned from the mistakes each of us has done in the past.

That’s what sisters do. They help each other grow and learn from mistakes.

There isn’t a better source for everything than your sister.


It’s funny how love changes occasionally.

When I was small I loved her, but like kids do.

Growing, learning and looking up to her changed all that.


I’m not used to saying these words often to her, but she knows how I feel.

And I know how she feels.

Even though we are separated by hundreds of kilometers, that love will never change.

Sisters remain forever and the love just grows.


What would my sister do?

That’s my question every time I want to bring a decision.

I try to feel her presence and she talking to me helps me bring a better decision.

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