Here is Why It’s Really Wonderful to Have a Sister

Sometimes I don’t need to call her to find out what she will say.

I already know.

My sister inspired and still inspires me to become better and better.

Her advice gives me a huge amount of inspiration I need to improve.

There isn’t a better person than your sister to inspire you.




When we were young I always “bugged” her with different problems.

She always found the perfect supportive things to say.

Whether I failed at something or I had a boyfriend problem.

She left her problems aside and found a way to get me up on my feet.

This support continued and will be here in the future, too.

My sister is always here when I need her for something.

I miss her hug, but she made me strong enough to keep my head high.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not calling her only for problems and make her be more supportive.

I’m always open for her when she feels the same way.

I know if she was the one writing this post, she would’ve used the same reasons as me.

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