Here is Why It’s Really Wonderful to Have a Sister

Unbreakable Bond


Friendships can end. Relationships end, too. Sisterhood stays forever.

Sisters share a bond.

I can’t understand how two sisters haven’t talked for years.

Their explanation is that someone made them broke up.

The bond is closely attached.

I can feel when my sister is not okay. When something is not like it should be.

It comes from the inside.

Every time I feel her being sad from deep inside, I feel the same thing.

It’s not important how happy I was a few moments ago.

When I sense something happening to her I’m on my phone calling her.

She often refuses to tell me to keep me out of it, but I know a way to touch her.

Please don’t tell her. ☺

My Second Mom

When my mom couldn’t understand me, there was my sister.

As I said a couple of times, she has the magic to make me feel well.

Finding the proper words to say is her super power.

She is always strong. She has to be.

When I’m down and feeling concerned she is the one with the free supportive soul.

I usually say she is always here to slap me verbally!

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