Hilarious Annabelle Prank Terrifies the Maids, video’s going VIRAL

A video of an elaborate prank featuring the killer doll in the horror flick, “Annabelle” has gone viral online. The 11-minute video shows several housekeepers hired to clean a room inside a mansion. A woman acts as a caretaker, briefing each would-be housekeeper about the history of the house, the people who owns it as well as hinting just what is about to unfold.

“This house has been closed for a long time. The owners are traveling. Because they lost a child, they decided to live for a while in Europe, but are coming back tomorrow,” the caretaker says.

Watch the video here:

The caretaker reveals that the room that needs cleaning was a child’s bedroom. And of course, as the helper enters the room, a scary Annabelle doll is left sitting on a chair.

After the helper is left to clean – all hell breaks loose – eerie sounds of a baby crying would be heard in the background, books fall as if on their own, a phonograph playing. Anabelle the doll would start to levitate, her demonic figure mimicking the one seen on the movie.

The video has been uploaded last Sunday and so far, generated a jaw-dropping 2,995,450 views. Almost 19k viewers liked the video.

The elaborate prank was produced by a local TV network SBT for its program. “Câmera Escondida” (Hidden Camera). This wasn’t the first time Câmera Escondida came up with such horrific prank. They also pulled several pranks that are tied officially to the release of horror flicks, Chucky and Carrie.

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