Hilarious Dollar Shave Club parody says hey “You’re old, you want BJ’s from hot young gals”

Deadpan over the top marketing is all the rage right now since the Dollar Shave Club went viral. Well nothing is more ludicrous than the concept of setting up old Silver Back men with hot young Gold Diggers. So why not be honest about it. It’s a transactional arrangement, it’s not a love connection…and “blowjobs are F*cking Great!”

The commercial is from ArrangementFinders.com a new site by Avid Life Media the same God fearing folks who brought you AshleyMadison.com that prides itself on the tagline ‘life is short, have an affair.”

This time around ArrangementFinders are targeting the rich old dudes who aren’t looking to date in their age decade, and the young girls that they believe would otherwise “turn to pole-dancing” and now have an alternative to supplement that luxury lifestyle these ‘classy women’ need.

Sure to be another home run for Avid Life, but at least the commercial is so funny because it’s true!

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