HILARIOUS! Redditor used Her boyfriend’s Butt to fool users to think It’s her Cleavage

Not everything you see online is real, just ask redditor, poshpink330, who fooled a lot of dudes online when she passed off her husband’s butt cheeks for cleavage, garnering overwhelming attention from hot and bothered male members.

The image, which she posted on r/GoneWild, featured what looked like a close-up picture of “sexy cleavage” in a scrunched bikini top. Check out the picture below:


poshpink330 waited for a day before the big reveal, those aren’t her boobs. They’re not boobs at all. They’re her husband’s hairy ass! Oh, boy.


The untouched and edited images were posted with a little note:

“To all of those LOVELY gentlefolk on Gone Wild last night…with love, from ‘Posh’ 😉 ,”

She adds, “Glad everyone loved my husband’s a** crack.”

The little stunt made a lot of users mad. One actually created a fake account to warn her to delete the photos in her history before she comes across real psychos from the website. In the end, poshpink330 and her husband had a great laugh.

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