Hollywood Fights to Get Ebola!


The AP is reporting that every major TV and film studio in the world is manically, and sometimes unscrupulously, fighting for Ebola scripts that show a modicum, and sometimes less, of merit.

Mark Burnett’s company, United Artists Media Group, which has previously found great success with shows like “The Hoarse Voice,”  where hoarse amateurs try singing for fame, has several episodes of Howie Mandell’s “Deal With it” in production, where diners are told over a loudspeaker that their waiters have Ebola.
To add to the show’s reality, EMTs in HazMat gear break down the restaurant doors with pick axes (added drama, since the doors are always unlocked), to check on unsuspecting diners who, not surprisingly, usually react by shrieking in horror.
Opined Mandell: “C’mon, it couldn’t have been that much of a scare or one diner wouldn’t have gone on dipping his lobster in butter like he hadn’t a care in the world!”
Meanwhile, DreamWorks, is apparently intent on replicating TV’s “Orange is the New Black” with its big-screen opus, “Ebola is the New Malaria” where women in African prisons start contracting Ebola instead of Malaria.
Said one DreamWorks executive on the guarantee of anonymity:  “We really like the idea of mimicking the basic alternating “serious-funny” structure of ‘Orange’ but are having trouble inserting comedy into all the pain, suffering and death Ebola can cause.  We may have to consult a professional comedian like Carrot Top for tasteful ideas.”

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