Humiliate your cat with the 10 MOST RIDICULOUS costumes for Halloween

Stumped over what to make your cat wear this Halloween? oh, we’ve got ten cool costumes in mind!

10. A Scuba Diver

cat 3

For loads of sea adventures your cat will hate forever!


9. A Pissed Off Hot Dog

cat 10

… bonus points for the mustard!

8. The Most Adorable Suicide Bomber Ever!

cat 5

Who’s the super scary suicide bomber? Who? You are!

7. A Disney Princess

cat 6


Because all kittens dreamed of being Snow White one day!

6. A Taco

cat 7

Because sour puss needs costumes for Halloween too!

5. A Pirate

cat 8

Arr! Shiver me timbers!

4. An Executive

an executive


Hey Dwayne, we need that report on catnip at 3, got it? Kthnxbye.

3. As Harry Potter



harry potter

Ten points for Gryffindor!

2. A Spider


Oh hai!

1. Race Horse

cat 9


Faster than a speeding bullet!

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That’s all folks, make sure you share this list with all your feline loving friends.


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