Hundreds of Tapeworms Live Inside Sushi Lover’s Body

Planning to have sushi tonight? You may want to skip on eating raw anything for a long, long time after reading the sordid tale of a Chinese man with his whole body riddled with worms.


A self-confessed sushi lover was left with hundreds of tapeworms living inside his whole body after consuming what he believed to be sashimi contaminated with parasite eggs.

sushi338-year old Tain Liao went to his doctor after complaining of intense stomach pains and inexplicably itchy skin. An x-ray quickly revealed that his entire body was infected with hundreds of tapeworm.

WARNING: Pictures are stomach churning!



The x-rays were taken at the Guangzhou No. 8 People’s Hospital in eastern China’s Guangdong province. From his x-rays, it’s clear that certain parts of his upper body, his legs and his organs are riddled with tapeworms.

Tapeworms, which are commonly seen in developing countries, are known medically as cestodes. This flat, ribbon-like invertebrate, is made up of segments and can grow up to 30 feet in length.

Humans can be infected with tapeworms by accidentally eating contaminated food, swallowing food that contains traces of feces or stool and eating raw, contaminated fish, pork or beef. Tapeworm larvae or diphyllobothrium can be found in freshwater fish including salmon. Even cooked infected meat will not kill the larvae.


Tapeworm infestations are common in poorer areas of the world. However, in developing countries where sushi and sashimi are considered trendy cuisine, the rise of tapeworm infestation is soaring.

In an interview with, Guangzhou No. 8 People’s Hospital’s head doctor, Dr. Yin, stresses that consuming uncooked food contaminated with tapeworm eggs can cause a condition called, cysticercosis. Cysticercosis is when adult tapeworms starts entering a person’s bloodstream. This is an extremely severe infection that can turn life threatening once the tapeworms reaches the brain.


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