Husband Helps Wife Regain Memory After Brain Surgery. Get out the tissues for this video

Just a month after their wedding, Tunicia Hall, Raleigh Hall’s new wife was rushed to the hospital for a near-fatal brain hemorrhage. Immediate brain surgery was conducted. Prognosis was grim; doctors said she only had about 50/50 chance of survival.

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Tunicia Hall has since survived the accident but she lost recent memories – including the memories of her June wedding. As if taken straight from a Hollywood movie that we know nothing about, Tunicia Hall looked up to her husband she’d known for 30 years and asked, “Are we married?”

“I felt like I lost her,” Raleigh said in an interview by NBC 4 in New York.

Rather than let her condition destroy their love, Raleigh refused to let his love fade away. He went on a mission to help Tunicia regain all her memories back. Apart from giving her reminders of their times together, he literally covered her entire hospital room with 1,000 pictures of their wedding to stir up lost memories.

Raleigh adds, “the photos drew questions — when were we married? And she saw something, and I believe what she saw was hope.”

In a separate interview by CBS, Tunicia says the pictures “were beautiful, they were nice to look at.”

Raleigh’s efforts to regain his wife’s lost memories seem to have worked. Within several weeks since Tunicia was reeled out from the operating table, she started to recall certain memories. Her doctor, Dr. Richard Temis was extremely amazed at Tunicia’s progress.

“This is a great example that patients’ families are key to recovery.”

Break out the tissue, you’re gonna need to fight dem pesky onion-cutting ninjas. Check out the video below:

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