Loud Chewers Make The Hairs On Your Neck Stand Up

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So there’s this condition called “misophonia,” and if you have it, it basically means that you have a high sensitivity to certain noises – think nails on a chalkboard. I have this coworker named Dan, and yesterday our other coworker Trevor was chewing very loudly while we were eating lunch, and Dan felt the need to say something. Dan came across as a little rude, but research suggests that Dan’s hypersensitivity to this sound actually indicates that he’s a more creative thinker than people who aren’t as phonically sensitive.

Sorry Trevor – looks like Dan wins this time.

You Often Get Caught Talking To Yourself


Don’t admit yourself to the looney bin just yet. Though it’s a hard topic to research (and though some insane people definitely DO talk to themselves), chatting with yourself out loud can actually be a beneficial way to help your brain work efficiently. Whenever something bad happens and I go into panic mode, I start talking myself through the situation instinctively – does that make me crazy? Not saying I’m not, but it sure does help me organize my thoughts!

Plus, sometimes there’s just not anybody more interesting around to talk to.

You Love A Good Stiff One At The End Of The Day

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This one is actually REALLY interesting. So the concept of an “evolutionary novelty” refers to anything that is an evolutionary accident but creates its own function following the form. Alcohol in the high concentrations we consume it in today is not naturally occurring, and the discovery of fermented foods was a complete accident that eventually developed into a full-fledged, species-wide cultural practice.

Furthermore, people with high levels of intelligence tend toward things that are “evolutionarily novel,” so considering the logic of points A and B, C would follow that intelligent people like like to engage with alcohol. By drinking it. A lot. And often.

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